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Bruce Yancy
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Chef, Actor and Artistic Director Divorced 2 Edgewood
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Brian Johnson
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November 20, 1959 Real Estate Tycoon Married 9 Edgewood, The Manly School
Why isn't Busby (Bill) doing this???Class Pres. & last name Busby....ahhh, politics & posturing. (And please don't show up in Oct. if you're a Republican....)We'll even sic Eric Alterman on you, Cruel & Unusual? YES!

Moved out full time to our beach house in the A LIST world of the Hamptons, hob nobbing with some of the richest, most famous, biggest SUV driving shmucks you'd ever want to hang with. But it is pretty, and still a little bit of country left. Blissfully married with 3 wives and 3 children with each. All get along just swell. Can't wait to see you all, and if you don't show, now we know where to find you. (Crashed class of '77 last fall & little changed....besides ear/nose hair & bellys...Watch out BradJolina, you too will succumb.)
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William (Bill) Fiedler
Portfolio Manager - Skyline Asset Management, LP - Chicago, IL
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Brett Burkey
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January 30, 1961 Educator Married
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Cathy Valance
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Robert Crisci
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Barbara Jordan
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Debra F. Cole
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January 06, 1960
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Claudia Derse (Anthony)
April 13, 1960 Medical Technologist and RN Married 3 Edgewood

Well - I'll miss you all, can't make the reunion - life intervenes. Mr. Derse the feared former SHS Math teacher is making a major transition in October - to a retirement life-care community (he's in Gettysburg, PA) and as his nearest (geographically speaking) daughter, I'll need to be on site. 

In the meantime, my hx in a nutshell - BA Gettysburg College, MT(ASCP) - ie laboratory technologist - at Northern Westchester Hospital Center (just after the Miss America scandal circa 1983??) - job apps were interesting - everyone in MD had heard of Mt. Kisco.  Moved to MD- Baltimore area. MAS at Johns Hopkins University (for the fun of it) while working in Immunology Research, met my spouse Richard Anthony - (he's a Nationally certified EMT paramedic -Firefighter (currently lieutenant), moved to country to rehab an 1850's era farmhouse (still in process), 3 kids - ages 16, 14 (girls) and 10 (boy), - all the while working various part-time hospital lab jobs, and a stint as a contractor for the DOD at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Got tired of it all, had mid-life crisis - returned to school - AS-RN degree from local community college, 1 1/2 years Med-Surg nursing (loved it) and still part-time lab (loved it), now in second nursing position at Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis (love it). Busy juggling career/family/life/elderly dad/etc. Wish we had the money for contractors and a housekeeper!

Hobbies - gone from being a band geek to raising them - (marching band competitions are a big thing here- and my kids' are working on our own stage band - trombone, sax- alto/tenor/soprano, trumpet and piano), active in girl scouts still - now as a leader (10 years now), occ. volunteer at the elementary school, church soloist/musician (those 6th grade guitar lessons really paid off!) and sunday school teacher.

I also marvel at the new technology - face it, when we were in SHS we were drawing diagrams for BASIC programming! In college we were punching cards and feeding them in card readers! I was considered a dinosaur at WRAIR 12 years ago because I knew how to program our old gamma counters in binary. And now we have this wonderful website and the advent of email..... I hope someone will send out an 'after the reunion' mailing of how the party was, the latest gossip, etc. Sorry to miss it all, wish you all the best - Claudia Derse-Anthony

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Mia Assatly (Pescetti)
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