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Diane Luftig (Bakst)
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Gregory (Greg) Telonis
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Diamond Jewelry
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jeffrey keiser
November 29, 1960 residential development Married 1 heathcote
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Annalisa Cavalli (Cavalli-Nash)
March 12, 1960 home maker Married 1 Quaker Ridge
We have a lovely daughter named Samantha. She is 14 years old. We are in Scarsdale often visiting my parents. Life is usually good to me. I very much enjoy being an at home mom. I look forward to the reunion. Send Annalisa a MessageSend Annalisa a Message
Margaret (Margo) Tierney (DiRenno)
October 04, 1959 Banker Married 2 Greenacres
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Lori Trauner (Raef)
January 19, 1960 Committed Relationship 1 Quaker Ridge Elementary
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Karin Kahn
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Gail Feldman
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Sustainable Energy Program Manager sustainable Single Greenacres

Although I won't make it back east for the reunion, it has been fun reading the postings.  I've been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 27 years.  Since the last reunion, I opened a management consulting practice working with government and non-profit agencies. I now work for the City of Berkeley starting up a new venture to finance solar energy systems through bonds repaid by tax assesments.  I travel whenever I can get away, mostly in Asia and South America (photo is from Peru).  For my 40th Birthday I hiked to the Mt. Everst base camp, and from then it has all been downhill!  After the last reunion I re-established several lost connections and friendships with old friends from the Greenacres and Jr High.  It has been great to have long time friends still in my life. However some of you are overdue for a  visit (you know who you are!)

Finally I would be remiss not to share my reflections on the state of the Country since our last reunion.  We are now about to undertake the most egregious bailout of the financial sector by taxpayers in our lifetimes, due to completely irresponsible business practices.  This cannot come at a worse time in our economy, which has seen US dollar value fall to one of the lowest due the growing debt required for the war.  The military operations in
Iraq waste millions of dollars each day from inefficiencies in procurement and there are far too few successful outcomes.    We have perpetuated extreme civil violence in each country we have operated in.  All of this in less than 10 years, a calamity that seems to have no bottom.   I'm worried about our future and I hope you are too.  The current mindsets and strategies of our heads of corporate government are not working for most of us.  If we could have voted the Presidents, Boards and CEOs of AIG, Lehman Bros. etc. out of their positions, we might be in better condition.  Since I don't own enough shares in any company to make my vote meaningful, I can only hope all you shareholders of my class will make a meaningful vote in November and the future, to end the Republican agenda and vote for new leadership in Barak Obama.  I’m sorry for the diatribe but I think there is no more time to lose.

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Demetra (DeeDee) Rabiecki (LaCrosse)
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Clinical Psychologist
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Hanan Amin-Salem
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Director - Country Strategies
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