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Liz Warren
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Clare Donohue (Coyne)
March 22, 1960 Married 2 IHM
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Debbie Billet (Billet-Roumell)
March 24, 1960 Coordinator for non-profit coalition Married 2 QRS
With only three days left before the reunion, I thought I should get something written.  Looking back on the thirty years since highschool, I am happy where I landed.  After college, I attended law school in Washington DC and have been here since.  I worked at a union for ten plus years doing lobbying, traditional legal work and organizing.  I married a wonderful man that I met during college and we have two terrific  children - ages 7 and 17.   I love the community where I live and am also involved in my synagogue.  Both of my parents died  recently and that has been difficult.   I work part-time directing a nonprofit coalition which advocates for low income woman and girls in DC.  I am enjoy it very much.  I will not be attending the reunion but have enjoyed learning how everyone is doing.  
All the best -.    
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Corinne Robbins
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November 29, 1960 Gallery and Shop owner of Mid-Century Art and Design Single 2
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Victoria Nemlich (Cohen)
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Lee Levitt
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January 01, 1900 VP Sales Married 2 Moved to Scarsdale just before high school

Great to see you all this weekend. I still cannot believe that it's been 30 years...and that we were able to pick up pretty much where we left off, and at the same time, relate to one another very differently!

Here's a link to the pictures I took on Saturday.

You should be able to download individual pictures by right clicking on the picture.

Again, great to see all of you!


Talk about a time machine!

Jimmy Ellis asked if I knew about the upcoming reunion...he and I occasionally cycle together in Boston. I keep a few other ties to parents are still there, so I visit regularly, and George and I are still best friends, even though we live several states apart. For a while after college, we did share a house in Boston, but the law stole George away and a young lady from Hartsdale stole me!

I think the house was condemned after we moved out and then knocked down, but it wasn't our fault.

Anyway, life is good in Boston. I moved to Boston after college and can't imagine living anywhere else in the world.

My son is a freshman at UMass Amherst, majoring in sport management. I am NOT old enough to have a college age child. My daughter is a sophomore in high school and she keeps both my wife Amy and me busy.

Amy, the young lady from Hartsdale, and I met in Boston in 1985 and we've been married almost 22 years. She is in the process of launching a jewelry business and I run a sales productivity consulting practice.

I still spend a lot of time on my bicycle, although the only race won was in 9th grade, on Scarsdale roads I didn't yet know. Some of my riding now is in support of cancer research, through an annual event in Boston (

I still can't believe it...last year I went to my 25th college reunion and felt like I had never left!

Has time gone by that quickly?

See you in a few hours!
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Laura Seulowitz (Kimble)
April 15, 1960 Business Manager Married 1 Edgewood
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Lisa Huddish (Cooper)
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Profile picture
June 21, 1960 Married 5 Quaker Ridge
It is hard to put 30 amazing years in a summary like this, but here goes. After graduating University of Pennsylvania, I worked for two years before going back to school for my MBA at Northwestern University. That is where I met my husband, Judson Cooper. We got married the week before graduation. I worked for a few years in New York City as a junk bond analyst. After the birth of my first child I worked part time for a year, and then decided to stay home full time with my son. Lucky decision, because four more children followed. I now have five amazing children. Matthew is 18, and a freshman at the University of Maryland. Marissa is 15, and a sophomore at Byram Hills HIgh School in Armonk. Three of her closest friends are children of SHS alumni. Kelsey Ryan (Jenni Nathan), Katie Melekonian (Madelaine Stimpson) and Kristen Levy (Cindy Shmerler). I couldn't have planned that if i wanted to ! Then I have 12 year old twin boys, Andrew and William. They manage to keep my life in a constant state of craziness, but I love every minute of it And then came Savannah, she is 10 years old, and incredible. I find being their mom the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling experience. I can't imagine any career more challenging. We moved to Armonk, NY in 1995 and love it. My husband is a venture capitalist who specializes in biotechnology. When my youngest is near high school graduation, I would consider going back to work. But right now, I am staying just where I am. I am having too much fun. So, i have some life outside my kids, o have resumed my passion for travel. In the past year I have been to Spain, France, Spain again, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico. The week before my kids come home from camp I will be in Peru, climbing Macchu Picchu! I plan to visit as many of the 1000 places to see before you die as possible. The 30 th reunion is the same weekend as my son's "family weekend" at college. Hopefully I will attend Friday night's cocktail hour, before heading to DC. I can't believe I just turned 48 and that my oldest just graduated HS. But it's been a great ride Send Lisa a MessageSend Lisa a Message
Gail Sorrel (Sorrel-Mosk)
Radiologist Married 2 Quaker Ridge
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Mary Beth Gaskin (DaBramo)
Married 1
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