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Andy Herrmann
Good question Single Quaker Ridge
Sorry I missed the reunion. It's been nice to hear from some of you. Send Andy a MessageSend Andy a Message
James Tanner
Married 3
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Brewster Kahle
Profile picture
Digital Librarian Married 2 Greenacres
Living in San Francisco, loving the non-profit tech world, building a digital library, married to a book artist, cool kids (logan, 10, birder;  caslon, 13, not sure).

Please visit.
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Ron Ostrow
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Actor Married 1 Greenacres
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Peter Chatzky
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Profile picture
CEO of software company Single 2 Quaker Ridge
Despite years of immense financial success, I continued to be miserable with my physical look.  After a series of painful and difficult surgical procedures at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, I now resemble Bob Busby (Scarsdale High School Class of 1977) and I am finally comfortable with myself.

Also, I'm finding it much easier to meet women.

Update:  Been working out like crazy, to look my best for the reunion.  (Also, started a new job that keeps me outside.)  Trying to lose the last 5 pounds.  Excited for October.


Okay, all joking aside, I had been so looking forward to seeing many of you.  Not you, actually.  But her.  And, yeah, her.  Man, she looks pretty good, right?  She must have had work done.  

Anyway, that's not the point.

The point is, I woke this morning after a nearly record 5-hour sleep, and discovered a giant pimple right smack in the middle of my forehead.  Reunion Day, and I have a zit.  What am I, 12?  

So, I'll certainly need to show up late, when you guys are all a little toasty, and the room is dark.  But, please, start without me.  Also, I have a wedding to attend.

But years from now, when you speak of this, and you will, be kind.
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Timothy Hyslop
July 28, 1960 Credit specialist Married 2 Edgewood
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Hugh Rovit
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Turnaround Specialist Married Fox Meadow
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Kerry Walsh (Walsh Skelly)
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February 06, 1960 Marketing Married
Jerry & I are back in Louisville after 2 really fun years living in London.  We moved to London so I could take on a marketing job with responsibility for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.  As a result, we had the chance to travel all over ... and host a wide range of friends and family (including Judy Osborn and Bruce Fields at different times) who found their way to London while we were there.

Remarkably, I'm now the global marketing director for Southern Comfort ... trying to encourage responsible consumption by 21 to 24 year olds, so that the brand doesn't lose another whole generation whose experience of the brand is, "I had it when I was young; I drank too much of it; I never drank it again."

I've been at Brown-Forman (SoCo's parent company) since 1993 and have been really fortuante to have a diverse career within one company.  Certainly when we were graduating, I never would have guessed I'd wind up marketing a liquor brand around the world.  (Hell, I barely even drank in high school.)

Jerry and I have been married 24 years.  We both gave up lawyering once we left Washington in 1993.  We call ourselves "recovering attorneys."  Jerry is more recovered than I, as he is now teaching reading and English at an inner city middle school here in Louisville.  He has a real gift with these incredibly needy kids.

My mom and dad are still in the same house in Edgewood -- although I don't think anyone's shown up with Dunkin' Donuts to watch Saturday Night Live in a long time.
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Rachel Spielvogel
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Profile picture
September 09, 1960 Marketing Mgr. - City of New York Quaker Ridge

Haven't had THAT much fun (with clothing on) in many, many,years.  What an amazing LOVEFEST/REUNION.

THANKS to Jeff and Peter for all their 
Thanks and kudos also to the band & Baron.

Be well and take good care... till we meet again...


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Tom Spitalny
Bass Reinsurance Intermediaries, Inc.
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