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Jonathan Handel
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January 01, 1960 Attorney Single Greenacres
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Miriam H. Akabas
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October 16 Middle Sch Comp Sci teacher 2 Fox Meadow School
I now live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with my two children (see photo), Eli (14) and Ariel (10), where I have been since college graduation. Whereas most of my family is now living in NYC, I have one brother ('73) who is up in Scarsdale bumping into all of you.

Last summer I ran into Susie Agoston Goldstein, and I see Sally Strauss and Evlin Attia on occasion.  Chip Myers came in from PA last summer for my son's bar mitzvah, but otherwise I haven't seen most of you in 30+ years.  Were we really ever in high school?  At this point, it seems like another lifetime.  Here's to meeting up in the Fall to celebrate my birthday!
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Patty Caplan
Health Care Consultant Married 2 Greenacres School
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Bruce Fields
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Investment Manager Married 2 Greenacres
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Dan Shaw
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Writer Single Heathcote
Still wondering if I was the only gay guy on the JV Football team.... It seems I was, which is what I always thought..... I lived in New York for twenty years, where my jobs included helping to start the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times as well as working for Oprah (who is a lot like Tracee Moorehead or maybe I mean it the other way around.) Four years ago I left Manhattan and moved to a rural town of 1,200 in northwestern Connecticut. It's a Norman Rockwell world that I had no idea still existed and I am grateful that it does. Send Dan a MessageSend Dan a Message
Michael Reingold
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Ex wife supporter....... Single Again 2 Greenacres
After moving all around, I have found myself back in Scarsdale. Still playing Lacrosse and coaching on Saturdays at the Middle School.  Does any else remember the tunnels under the Junior High School? (I still think of it as the Junior High) Send Michael  a MessageSend Michael a Message
Sheela Loomba (Whelan)
Mathematics Professor Married 2 Edgewood

I can't believe it's been 30 years since we graduated High School.  Some of my best memories are the crazy things we did back then.  My older son will be graduating from college in May and my younger son is a sophomore in High School.  I've been teaching at Westchester Community College since 1989 and I really love it.   I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. 

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Rachel Malina
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Pediatrician Committed Relationship 2 Heathcote
I've been living in San Francisco since 1987. Interestingly, even though I couldn't wait to get out of Scarsdale in 1978, I've kept in touch with a lot of Scarsdale folks and I look forward to reconnecting with more of you in October. Send Rachel a MessageSend Rachel a Message
Barbara Goodman (Prince)
February 14, 1960 Owner, Event Planning & Staffing Company Married 2 Fox Meadow

So sorry I couldn't make the reunion - it was my dad's 91st birthday!

If anyone were to ask me when was the best time in my life I would have to say my high school days. If anyone were to tell me that it’s been 30 years since those fun times, I’d tell them they were CRAZY! It’s amazing how so many years have clicked by so quickly.  
I live in Orange, CT – just outside of New Haven. I have been married to my husband, Bob, for 22 years and have two sons. Brian, age 20, is a sophomore at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He currently holds his private pilot’s license and works part time for US Air.  Andrew, age 16, is a junior at Amity High School, and is a sprinter on the varsity track team.
I started my own company close to four years ago and love what I do! Event planning and staffing is the perfect job for me - since when have you not known me to like a party? 
I have read about the strong ties to Scarsdale and share a strong sense of connection myself no matter where I go.  
I love reading about the direction that all your lives have taken and hope to see you all at the next reunion!
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Fred Weiler
Attorney with NYC Corporation Counsel Married 3 Quaker Ridge
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