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David Boies
Attorney Married 4
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babette certilman
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real estate Single Again quaker ridge
living and working in the city. can't wait to see how great we all look and how well we are all doing, or at least that's what i hope we'll tell each other... Send babette a MessageSend babette a Message
Alison Roth
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Therapist & Consultant Single Quaker Ridge Elementary
After college I lived in NYC for two years and then headed out to Seattle, WA to attend grad school to get my MFA.  I wound up becoming a Casting Director in Seattle and lived there for 9 years before moving south to LA (where most of my family relocated as well!).  I was involved in the film business for 6 years, made one great movie, "Princess of Thieves", left the 'biz', became an online dating executive (don't ask).  Last year I stated with two colleagues from Jdate. We help both transactional and membership based websites--a lot!   And...4 years ago I went back to grad school and am now psychodynamic (see In Treatment)  therapist--go figure!  Happy to provide both services to alumni! Send Alison a MessageSend Alison a Message
Andy Weber
Office of the Secretary of Defense Married 1 Quaker Ridge
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Maynard A Holliday
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April 30, 1960 Robotics Engineer Married 3 Edgewood
Hey Everyone, It's been great virtually catching up with everyone. I have been in the SF Bay Area for most of the past 24 years since graduating from undergrad. I am currently living in Danville, CA, about 35 miles south east of SF in the East Bay. it's a great family oriented town with good (by California standards) public schools. I have 3 beautiful children, 2 girls, Jordan 17, a Freshman @ Middlebury College, Devyn 12 county wide sprint champion and a son Austin 15, (6' 3" and dunking on his 10th grade classmates)  It's been a blast watching them develop academically and athletically. Times sure are different, as you all know, especially for girls. So many more opportunities. I am excited to see where their talents take them. As for me, I have had a very exciting career in high tech, first on government side and now in the private sector. An abridged version of my tech bio follows. Currently I am the Production Manager for a Personal Robotics start up in Silicon Valley, called Willow Garage. Picture the Jetson's Rosie the Robot, but with wheels.  Check our website for more info.

Official Bio Mr. Holliday has worked in project, product and functional management roles in government and the private sector for the last 20+ years. He has extensive experience in both government and private sector projects that have global reach. Most recently as a senior manager at Intuitive Surgical. he managed a diverse geographically distributed team of professionals to design and build next generation vision system HW for the daVinci surgical robot. He was Director of Business Development at Evolution Robotics and a mechanical engineering manager at Schlumberger Semiconductor Solutions. Prior to the semiconductor industry he led multi million dollar international project teams at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Agency for International Development. Maynard led multi DOE national laboratory teams in Russia to negotiate, and implement nuclear material security upgrades at the nuclear cities of K-26, Tomsk 7, Mayak, S-44 and C-70. He was awarded the Department of Energy's Meritorious Service award in 1997, it's highest, while working on the Nuclear Material Security Task Force. While at LLNL Maynard was also awarded the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS), Science Engineering and Diplomacy Fellowship in 1995-96. He led a joint DOE/NASA, private sector team for Chernobyl robot design, development and deployment. Maynard has extensive knowledge of robotics and intelligent machine systems and has published and presented his work internationally. He won scholarships to Stanford University and the International Space University in France. He is a lifelong comic book fan and avowed Spacehead, who was a two time finalist for the U.S. Astronaut program. Maynard holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Design from Stanford University where he emphasized robotics and international security and arms control. He also has Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Hope everyone has a great time during the reunion & when in the SF Bay Area look me up.

Best Wishes,

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Kathryn (Kathy) Korniloff
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Sound Designer/Composer Single Edgewood
Wow, well - here's hoping y'all remember me. Quick bio: I left NY after 9th grade. We moved to Holland where I attended The American School of The Hague for 10th and 11th. My father died in 1977 and my mother and I moved back to her hometown of El Paso Texas where I finished high school in, like, 3 months. From there I fled to UT Austin, where I got my bachelor degrees in English and Film, then toured with my band for several years. Moved to LA in 1994 to bring the film and music thing together, which I've done to some degree. Life is GOOD. I feel like my life is only just beginning. Does anyone else feel that way? I was always a late bloomer, maybe that's it. I will make it to the Reunion no matter what - been away far too long. Send Kathryn (Kathy) a MessageSend Kathryn (Kathy) a Message
Judith Albert
Financial Analyst Married 4 Edgewood School
My life is more splendid than I could have predicted thirty years ago: four kids all better looking, cleverer, and more poised than I ever was;  a husband from the Deep South; a career playing with numbers; a historic brownstone with a garden and chickens; constant good company and good conversation.

But I also have had sorrows and losses: an unhappy first marriage; a year spent tending to a child with cancer; the deaths of both my parents when not much older than we are now.

My memories of Scarsdale are equally mixed -- although my appreciation of the education I received has increased as my own kids navigate the NYC public school system.

I look forward to reconnecting in October, to revisiting the past and to reveling in the present.  See you then!
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Grover Fitch
October 17, 1960 Banking Married 2 Greenacres
I recently ran in to Jennifer Nathan in White Plains (we were both at the court house for Jury Duty) who proceeded to remind me that we had our 30th reunion this fall (I stopped counting the years after Jeff P. and Peter C. decided to drop October 17th as a holiday at SHS and BMHS).   Hope that I can make it.

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Lynn Meister (Meister Tarras)
December 27, 1960 Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist Married 2 Greenacres
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Franklin Shire
September 20, 1960 Yoga Teacher/Gemmologist Single Greenacres
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