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Kathie Balzac (Ramsey)
January 12, 1960 Married 3 lived in greenacres, moved there in 6th grade
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Amy Wagner (Shanus)
October 06, 1960 teacher Married 3 Heathcote
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Peter Feer
Profile picture
July 08, 1960 Investment Banking Single Again 2 Greenacres
Wow!  30 years.... I have not made any SHS reunions so far, so I will try to make this one.  I've been living in Boulder, CO since 1990, where I run into Diane Israel and James Tanner from time to time.  Just hooked up with Weis and his two sons at the NCAA Frozen Four in Denver in April 2008 ("now" photo;  I didn't have any pictures of Bob Busby, so you actually get to see Weis!)  I have two wonderful boys, ages 6 and 8, but am a single Dad, as their mother and I are getting divorced.  Lived in Marin County from 2003 - 2007, where I saw Mike Macy a fair amount.  Also, during that time I held an SHS reunion for ALL comers - 2005, I think?.  Had a wonderful time with Billy Abrams, Maynard, Patty Caplan, Rachel Molina, Gail Feldman and Dave Sondheim among many others from other classes.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!  Here is what I wrote for my college 25th reunion yearbook - edited slightly re: marital status.  

The road is long; there is still much to learn….


Upon leaving Dartmouth in 1983, I headed for NYC and after a short

stint in another finance job, I began my investment banking career in

mergers and acquisitions with Salomon Brothers. Although I enjoyed the

intellectual stimulation and the sense that I was working with many of

the best and brightest people, I chose not to return to Wall Street

after I graduated from Tuck in 1988, seeking instead to carve out a

less intense career that would allow more time for other pursuits.

After a couple of years trying on consulting and the entertainment

business, in the Fall 1990 I pulled up my New York roots and moved to

Boulder, CO, a town for which I had always had a weak spot since

visiting there in 1979. I quickly found a Denver-based investment

banking firm, The Wallach Company, founded by a Dartmouth alum, that

seemed to combine the best of what I liked about the M&A business, with

a more manageable lifestyle-oriented culture. As it turns out, I was to

spend the next thirteen years of my career there, helping to grow the

firm into the leading investment banking advisory firm in the Rocky

Mountain Region. We sold the firm in early 2001 – more lucky than

smart! – and I moved my family to San Francisco with the acquiring bank

in 2003. Yearning for a smaller, more focused platform, I joined the

pre-eminent middle market M&A firm, Richmond, VA-based Harris Williams,

in 2004 to help build their San Francisco office. Harris Williams sold

their firm in late 2005 and, once again, seeking to return to Colorado

and balance my lifestyle with family and other pursuits, I have agreed

to re-join my former partners at The Wallach Company, in their new

firm, St. Charles Capital in Denver, as of May 2007.


Reflecting on my career so far, I have always struggled to maintain a

balance between my family life, personal and community time and the

demands of the merger business. The bottom line for me is that the

thrill of the deal does not compare to the thrill of watching one of my

sons ride a bike for the first time or ski from the top of the mountain

on a “blue” trail during his first week on skis! Therefore, I’ve opted

again to take myself out of the merger mainstream to partner with

colleagues who understand my need, and share my desire, for balance.


Re: kids, I have two sons, Whitton (8) and Wheeler (6), two

dogs, two fish and seven cats. With karate, soccer, skiing, tennis,

art, school, playdates, it is hard to keep it all straight!  

The most humbling thing I’ve attempted since leaving Dartmouth has got

to be parenting. In most, if not all other pursuits, we have the chance

for false starts, do-overs, changes in mid-course. Being a father to

our two sons is highly rewarding; a mix of joy over their growth and

their wide-eyed wonderment over seemingly ordinary things, empathy and

sorrow over their stumbles and losses, awe at their stubborn

persistence and natural negotiation skills and constant love, even

through their most patience-stretching moments.


At 47, age is something we no longer can take for granted. In spite of

all the antioxidants, fish oil, multi-vitamins, blueberry smoothies and

numerous daily hand washings, my love of steep hills and high speeds

has taken its toll over the years. I am reluctantly beginning to accept

that my twice frayed ACL will no longer tolerate moguls and that my

patched and crooked collarbone only allows so many hours on a road

bike. However, I still feel incredibly blessed and am looking forward

to the rest of the ride!

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Patricia Armetta (Armetta Haubner)
March 17, 1960 Public Relations Married 2 Edgewood

Last night at the Maroon and White Dinner I realized that half the ski team parents were Scarsdale alums.  Didn't most of us swear we would never return to Scarsdale after graduation?  

My husband and I moved back to town with our kids 10 years ago. My daughter is now a sophomore at SHS.  My son is in eighth grade at SMS.  Their sports coaches are former classmates who provide great sideline comic relief because many of them possess the same competitive "spirit" they had in high school!  My daughter has even enjoyed a few second generation Scarsdale teachers - -- the daughters of Mr. Tallevi and Mr. Castiello.

Careerwise, I have been blessed with the ability to phase in and out of my professional life -depending on the needs of my family and my level of interest.  Currently, I work for a communications firm that allows me to promote important causes - national initiatives for arts in education, college access, international relief and historic preservation around the world.  Happily, I still manage to carve out time to enjoy our  ski house in Vermont and indulge my passion for travel.

Since there's a SHS reunion in Scarsdale at every sporting, cultural and school event, I see many familiar faces and I haven't felt the need to attend any '78 reunions.  But this year who knows ...I've learned  never to say never!

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Susan Goldberg (Gevertz)
August 27, 1960 Healthcare Consultant Married 2 Greenacres
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Stephen Nicholas
July 01, 1960 Orthopedic Surgeon Married 5
It is great to see so many people who have meant so much to me throughout the years. There is something great about seeing people you went to high school with. The friendships persist, even without having seen many people for a long time After high school I went to Harvard, then to NY medical college, and on to a residency in Orthopedic Surgery at The Hospital for Special Surgery. I practice orthopedics in NYC at Lenox Hill Hospital, and also at my office in Scarsdale (which I opened with Stu Katchis). I was fortunate enough to have been the NY Jets orthopedist for 10 years, and the NY Islanders orthopedist for 5 years. Practice has been great but not nearly as good as things at home. I got married in 1996 and moved back to Scarsdale shortly thereafter. Eileen and I have 5 kids age 10,9, 9, 8, and 2. We live in Scarsdale, and the kids are at the Heathcote school. It is great fun coaching the kids in hockey and the boys in football and baseball. Life is about running around from practices and watching young student athletes develop. Being is Scarsdale is great fun. Walking into the village and seeing so many of our former classmates makes it all very familiar. Some people say that is bad, but I had such great memories of my childhood at Scarsdale that it provides a great source of comfort. I am looking forward to catching up with lots of great people from a great class...The great 78 lives on... Send Stephen a MessageSend Stephen a Message
Lyndon Tretter
Attorney Married 2 Heathcote
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Ned Weiser
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Food Importer and Corporate Wellness Provider Married 3 QRS
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Doug Leone
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Real Estate Sales Married
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Richard Ughetta
Insurance Married 3 Heathcote
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