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Rebecca Buchthal (Hemphill)
April 30, 1960 Physician Married 2 Greenacres
I have really enjoyed reading all the entries and finally am getting around to putting something in myself.. As everyone else has written, it is hard to believe that it has been 30 years.  

Life is very full and busy these days - often too busy.  Caleb and I have been married for 20 years (we met at Middlebury) and have 2 children, 16 and 14 as well as two yellow labs.  We moved 8 years ago from Boston to just outside of Portland, Maine where we live in the woods, but within 15 minutes of downtown Portland. We love it in Maine.  I work full-time as an internist, combining clinical practice with teaching and work n Healthcare IT.  And I have even found a volleyball league that I play in through the hospital, which has been great fun.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!
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Evelyn Attia
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November 27, 1960 physician Married 3 Not in Scarsdale...sorry

I can’t believe it’s been almost 30 years.  There’s nothing like having a high school senior yourself to get you remembering high school on a far too regular basis.

I’m a psychiatrist in New York City, on faculty at Columbia, married with three boys, ages 17, 15 and 11.

It’s great that so many have entered highlights on this web page.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the fall.
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Bill Buzbee
May 20, 1960 Professor of Law Married 2 Edgewood
I, my wife, Lisa Chang, and our two daughters, Tian (17) and Seana (15) still live in Atlanta, as we did at the time of our last reunion.  Atlanta has treated us and our dual career lives well.  Having two teenage daughters can be  a challenge, but they are much better behaved than most of us were back in our teen years, thank goodness.  Or at least I hope I have an accurate sense of their lives.

My articles and book contributions continue to be a proven remedy for insomnia, as, my students assure me, are my classes.  I enjoy mixing scholarship, pro bono environmental work (including work at the federal legislative level and in the courts), and the challenges of teaching.  Music continues to be a great pleasure in my life, although I play guitar, mandolin and bass far more than trumpet these days.

 Losing my mother to cancer  several years ago and my sister this past fall suddenly and unexpectedly were major, sad events, but I suppose almost all of us by now have lost loved family members and friends.  

         My parents moved from Scarsdale back into NYC right after my younger brother graduated, so I see Scarsdale friends less than I'd expected.  Still, I've remained close friends with Charlie Bell (also a godfather to one of our girls), and also regularly see Tom Marshall.  I also periodically keep in touch with Mark McCullough, Patty Caplan, Rachel Malina, Maynard Holliday, Peter Chatzky and Jane Pomerance Gallagher (w/whom I shared high school and college).  I also ran into Paul Henderson last year while I worked hard at a conference (when not skiing).  Scott Johnson and I remained in intermittent touch until his death, as I did with former master teacher and friend Neil Maloney.
        I look forward to seeing all of you.
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Nathaniel 'Chip' Myers
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Veterinary Specialist (Small Animal Internal Medicine) Married 1 Heathcote
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Nancy Angiello
Writer Married 1
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karen weiner (rich)
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November 18, 1960 Events Coordinator Married 2 Quaker Ridge
Burned out on the NYC/Wall St thing after 12 years and moved to Portland, OR to slow down which was a really good idea.  Now I plan events, hang out on the sidelines watching the boys do whatever, hike, bike, snowboard, do yoga, & hear a lot of great music. My husband Doug is an environmental consultant, committed to sustainability and improving our planet. This website is addictive - I've been on for a long time, reading everyone's stuff and I love it.  See you all soon - I'm really looking forward to it. THANK YOU Peter and Jeff for a wonderful time. You did such a great job -- it was so nice and so relaxing to just pick up where we left off... no stress, little pretense. I love that. xox to all Send karen a MessageSend karen a Message
Maura Del Gaudio (Marcon)
September 06, 1960 Chef Married 1 Edgewood
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Wendy Denton (Alderman)
March 02, 1960 Legal Nurse Married 4 Quaker Ridge
After graduating from the U of P with my BSN, I lived and worked in NYC. I was married in 1989, and moved to Princeton NJ :0. In 1996 we had a short stint (2 years) in Nashville TN, and moved back to Chester, NJ, where we currently live. I have 4 children, the youngest (7) with autism, which started my crusade for autism recovery (which I didn't volunteer for!!!!!) I have been working as a legal consultant, and that is all of the news that fits to print. I just celebrated (mourned ) my 48th birthday, but ahhhh, we are all in the same boat there. Don't quite know how that happened to us (we became our!)--- I guess it's beter than the alternative! Send Wendy a MessageSend Wendy a Message
Melanie Kahn (Zingler)
February 19, 1961 Full time Mom, Married 3 Fox Meadow
I am really looking forward to attending the 30th has it really been 30 years?  yikes. I am happily married to an awesome guy names Barry who is a gastroenterologist in New Jersey.  We have 3 beautiful daughters - Stephanie who is a freshman at Penn State Univ., Brooke who is a junior in high school (and just received her driver's permit) and Jodi who is a freshman in high school.  Life is very hectic, but great.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Send Melanie a MessageSend Melanie a Message
jonathan cott
July 23, 1960 finance Married 1 port chester
30 years - can't believe it...

left scarsdale for colorado where i did undergrad at boulder and then stayed in banking for a number of years...

eventually moved to tx where i completed graduate school and settled down with my wife of now 20+ yrs...she's a professor of early child development (that's how she's been able to handle me all of these years) and i own a financial advisory business in dallas...

we have a wonderful daughter who will be 15 in april (teenage girls - OMG!)...

have never been to a reunion, but am going to make the effort this time around..

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