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Keith Warner
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Profile picture
October 02, 1960 Business Owner Divorced 1 Heathcote
The past 30 years have flown by in the blink of an eye. Youth certainly is wasted on the young. 

Vitae: College in Denver, followed by graduate school in Boston and a return to Denver in 1986 for an entrepreneur's odyssey. I've had a lot of unique 'lives', ranging from commercial real estate broker to owner of a health club supply company, owner of a food manufacturer, partner in a wine rack manufacturer and partner in a technology development company. It's been one heck of a journey that has now landed me as the owner of a water treatment and purification company! Perhaps the last stop in a twisting journey...but, I doubt it.

I've had the distinct joy of having a child, who is now a stubborn, very bright 14 year old girl. I suspect she's paying me back for all the headaches I caused for my parents! (I'll bet that many of you can relate to that comment.) 

Regretfully I will not be able to attend the reunion. I hope you all have an extraordinary time. I would welcome hearing from anyone that would like to reconnect with me.
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Janet Morie (Carozza)
September 01, 1959 Real Estate Married 2 Edgewood

I can't beleive it has been 30 years. Currently I live in Rockland county with my husband(some of you may know him, as he was a police officer in Scarsdale when we were in SHS) and our two boys ages 13 & 10. I was in the corporate world for many years until Bernie Ebbers destroyed our company. I am now in Real Estate and love the flexibility! I can't wait to see everyone!

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Keith Goldberg
April 08, 1960 VP Sales and Marketing Married 3 Moved to town in High School

Are we really getting that old.  It will be nice to see our old freinds again.  Like others on this list, we also are living in town, our twins Andrew and Nicole are in 7th grade at the middle school and our daughter  Amanda is a freshman at Univ of Miami.  
Looking forward to seeing everyone in October.

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Barbara Stoffers (Schulze-Frerichs)
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June 02, 1960 pharmaceutical technical assistant Married 2 German School Washington DC and Frankfurt/Germany
anyone remember me? I went to SHS only from 1976 through 1978, then attended Manhattanville college for two years to achieve the equivalent education level of the German Abitur. Went back to Germany for a pharmaceutical professional training. Working for an internet homepage supplying pharmaceutical databases since ten years, fun job! Anyone who needs infromation on German - or international medicines who is a medical doctor or in the pharmaceutical business check our homepage.

I sing in a large church choir (about 80 members) in Hanau as a soprano. Two other hobbies keep me busy: my 350 l fish tank and the familys dwarf dachshund.

Hope to be abel to attend the reunion!
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Patricia Pilla (Richards)
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February 19, 1960 Married 2 Heathcote
I can hardly believe that 30 years have flown by since graduation! I am living on the North Fork of Long Island in Southold with my husband & 2 kids. Southold is a beautiful place surrounded by the bay & the sound in LI wine country. We do alot of boating, fishing & just being beach bums most of the summer. I would love to catch up with old classmates and do plan on attending  our 30th reunion. Send Patricia a MessageSend Patricia a Message
Fran Mastoloni
June 09, 1960 Jewelry Import Married 3 I.H.M.
Alive and well living in Rye. Not far but very different. I will definitly be there and am looking forward to it. 25 was fun 30 should be better. Send Fran a MessageSend Fran a Message
Laura Widulski
CPA/Sales Single
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Ruth Garrity (Doughty)
December 16, 1961 office manager Married 3 IHM
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Rebecca Buchthal (Hemphill)
April 30, 1960 Physician Married 2 Greenacres
I have really enjoyed reading all the entries and finally am getting around to putting something in myself.. As everyone else has written, it is hard to believe that it has been 30 years.  

Life is very full and busy these days - often too busy.  Caleb and I have been married for 20 years (we met at Middlebury) and have 2 children, 16 and 14 as well as two yellow labs.  We moved 8 years ago from Boston to just outside of Portland, Maine where we live in the woods, but within 15 minutes of downtown Portland. We love it in Maine.  I work full-time as an internist, combining clinical practice with teaching and work n Healthcare IT.  And I have even found a volleyball league that I play in through the hospital, which has been great fun.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!
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Evelyn Attia
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November 27, 1960 physician Married 3 Not in Scarsdale...sorry

I can’t believe it’s been almost 30 years.  There’s nothing like having a high school senior yourself to get you remembering high school on a far too regular basis.

I’m a psychiatrist in New York City, on faculty at Columbia, married with three boys, ages 17, 15 and 11.

It’s great that so many have entered highlights on this web page.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the fall.
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