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Gary Nagl
Planner Toys R Us Corp HQ Married 3 Greenacres
Jeff and guys did an outstanding job with the reunion weekend and website......I think the website has taken on a life of its own.
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Nicole Moretti (Ungar)
May 14, 1960 Social worker Married 2 Edgewood
I have great memories of our 20th reunion, but it doesn't seem like 10 years since then! I (re)met Jon Ungar there, we married and now have two very active 4 1/2 year olds. On second thought, maybe it does feel like 10 years.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Dan Howard
Profile picture
Profile picture
October 24, 1959 Musician/Recordist Single IHM/Heathcote
Living in New England since high school, my talents as a musician have guided me in my search for meaning and a contented, useful life.

In the early eighties I worked for a Public Television affiliate as a field recordist which, in turn, led to a life
on the road developing some of the first land-based applications of GPS for a world reknowned crew of survey consultants.  However, feeling the need to get my degree, I returned to school by the early nighties.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Management I moved into Sales - mostly in health, wellness, and addiction recovery.

My real hope is, however, that by our next reunion I will have some of my music recorded so others in our class will come to a better understanding of what I have so selfishly held to myself all these years.

- word

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Lisa Gelfman (Matthews)
July 30, 1960 President, Breast Cancer Alliance Married 3 Greenacres

Thirty years! Impossible!!


I write with great satisfaction in the twists and turns life has taken. Gary (brother of Jeff, SHS '77) and I are married now nearly 24 years. Our parents and close family are healthy. Our three boys, 19, 17, and 14 are so much fun.


Since retiring as a marketing exec, I’ve dabbled in real estate investment. Volunteer work takes up the majority of my time; I'm  a trustee of my kids' school and president of a healthcare non-profit.

Looking forward to the reunion- haven't been back since the 10th.

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Dawn Filomena (Sawyer)
March 05, 1960 IT Process Consultant Married Edgewood
Wow, it hardly seems like it's been 30 years.

After graduating from SMU I've been in Texas (Dallas area) doing various things from PR for professional sports teams and non-profit arts organizations to my current career as an IT Process Consultant for Accenture.  

I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone in the Fall.
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Robert Bangser
Profile picture
Profile picture
August 09, 1960 Business Development, Software Married 2 Quaker Ridge

OK...I admit it...waiting 30 years was waaay too long.

Peter and Jeff...thanks so much for putting this together. It was really wonderful seeing all the familiar (and in some cases, vaguely familiar) faces.  It was especially good seeing the Quaker Ridge kids... There's something about knowing you guys for 40+ years that has created a very special bond.

Looking forward to what Peter and Jeff have planned for the 35th.....

Keep in touch folks!


Hello Scarsdalians...its been a such long time. 
Looking forward to hearing from friends and catching up on the last 30 years (jeez that's unbelieveable). 

Living in Ridgefield, CT for the last 15 years. Blissfully married to Barbara for 20. Rachel is entering her senior year at High School, and will be applying to better schools than her old man ever could (Barb's genetic influence). Jason is busy being 8 and keeps me running around.

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November 25, 1960 Software WWW.IVERIT.NET Married 2 Quaker Ridge
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Geri Richter (Campbell)
May 02, 1960 Director Talent/Development Married 1 Quaker Ridge
I can't believe how incredibly handsome Peter Chatzky has gotten after all these years! I also can't believe it's our 30th reunion. Even though I worked on the 20th reunion, I still believed this was only our 10th- so much for Mr. Cappucci's math class! Wasn't going to attend until I saw Peter's photo! Send Geri  a MessageSend Geri a Message
Alan Lewis
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lawyer Married 2 Heathcote/Fox Meadow

I may be the most recent returnee of our class.  Never expected to, but with kids (now) 5 and 3, the advantages of city life dwindling and my folks still here, we moved to Green Acres a year and a half ago.  Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised -- those who were my closest friends in elementary school, Jr. High and High School are also back in town.  
I'm a lawyer with a practice that is a mix of criminal defense and commercial litigation.  The criminal stuff is mostly but not entirely white collar -- I still handle the occasional homicide case.  My wife Amy is a NYC public school teacher and my 5 year old is in kindergarten.  We're all avid skiers. Together with classmate Reg Evans, I have been hiking the Adirondacks regularly for the past 20 plus years.  Very psyched to see you all in the fall.

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Sue MacQueen (Pringle)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Executive Director, University City Green 2 Edgewood
30 years?!?  I totally forgot we were coming up on thirty.   I made it to the 10th and I'll definitely make this one.  Thumbnail sketch:  I went to Ohio Wesleyan with I believe 6 other SHS types.  Majored in pre-law and met my husband.  Got married, never made it to law school due to two wonderful children.  Alex is 23 and at Penn State and Heather is 20 and at NYU.  They are truly delightful - we joke that we grew up together.  I worked with assorted non-profits in fundraising and development until my daughter was in high school at which point I decided to go back and get a B.S. in Horticulture - my true passion.  I graduated in 2005 and have been working in urban ecological renovation - a dream come true.  Yes, I grew up and became a tree-hugger.  The picture on the left is Les Stone ('77), me and Kathy Robinson in Maine. Send Sue a MessageSend Sue a Message
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