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Jill Breakstone (Goldberg)
Quaker Ridge
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Jane Jarcho
November 05, 1960 Associate Director Securities & Exchange Commission Committed Relationship 2 Greenacres
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Nadia Burgard
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Reginald Evans
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Counsel, Shumaker & Williams Heathcote
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Andrew Ginsberg
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Noelene Harkins
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Nina Leinwand
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Julie Kassalow (Norris)
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Janet Cerni
Middle School Educator/Tech Mentor, Del Mar MS, Tiburon, CA Committed Relationship St. Pius X School
Who could've imagined the incredibly diverse paths and stories outlined by the folks on this site.  What a great snapshot of some amazing people!

Here's my contribution:
After graduating from Georgetown and joining POEM (Garrison Keillor: the Professional Organization of English Majors) I headed west and worked with the Jesuit Volunteers for two years, first in the Central Valley and then in San Francisco. Why move back East after that experience?  A bit of activism and landing at the University of SF for graduate work in the mid-80s  began my middle school teaching career.  Although in search of a high school post, Sr. Alicia, my soon-to-be first principal, somehow convinced me that I had "what it took" to teach middle school-- and that I could teach high school at any time.  She was right-- except I haven't moved yet. 

In my spare time, nonprofit publishing with Dignity/SF and USA kept me busy while the AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s spurred me into further action including scoring a few questionable press passes to the Pope's visit in Denver and  bishops' gatherings in DC and San Jose (among others).

Now that I'm older and possibly wiser, mentoring new teachers and explaining tech to somewhat skeptical veteran teachers fills my days and nights. My students keep me on my toes: all I ask is a new tech tip every day. (Laptops for all-- still a bit of a novelty on this coast.)  Since 2001, I've worked in Tiburon, a rather Scarsdale-esq environment with the added benefit of gorgeous views.  But kids are kids no matter what. I look out for ALL of my kids in all of their 7th grade wacky wonderfulness.  The new kids, the second language kids, the "interesting" kids-- those are my kinds of kids. And last year, 125 of them taxed my very being as an English teacher. Do the math... (It was also a very bad year for staffing and schedules.)

Living in the East Bay (north of Berkeley) with my long-time best friend and a loving cat is about all the excitement I need at the end of the day.  Now I'm a fine "aunt" to many and enjoy spoiling friends' kids while giving them time to get out. Travel is also enjoyable and maintaining a semblance of good health matters. 

Scarsdale is still on the radar.  I visit my folks (still in the same house) several times a year and rely upon my sister, Claire (SHS '79),  still a great social connection, to keep me informed.

With that, I wish everyone well. Although not a reunion-goer, I must say this site has been a pleasure to browse through. Many thanks to the great energy of our fearless organizers!  All the best.

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Leo Schiff
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