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Cecily Broderick (Broderick y Guerra)
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Peter Demb
Architect in NYC Greenacres
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Shari Gliedman (Mitnik)
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Paul Cronin
Construction Worker - Aspen Construction
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Laura Demopoulos
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Jonathan Doppelt
Quaker Ridge School
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Robert (Bob) Kehoe
Treasurer Edgewood
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Jayne DAgostino
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April 02, 1960 Dental Committed Relationship 4
I often wonder if perhaps I hit my head somewhere because I can hardly remember any of the names on this list. I'm sure I wasn't THAT obnoxious back in high school that I had no friends! I think most were  in different grades. I've lived mostly in Westchester with a short stint in the Bronx (quite the learning experience!) My 4 children have gone to the Mamaroneck Schools. I have 3 awesome boys and a beautiful daughter. I currently work in Healthcare.(dental) and have recently started Baci Bones. I make gourmet dog treats! If you're nuts about your'll understand. Most of my friends are musicians and I'm lucky enough to play in their sand box. I've found the man I waited my whole life for in that arena. (I swore I'd never date a musician!) Send Jayne a MessageSend Jayne a Message
Craig Williams
Living the good life in the rocky moutains just outside of Aspen, Colorado. Happy and healthy. All is well.  

Regards to all!  Feel free to look me up if you are ever out here...
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Jeffrey Mayer
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Lawyer Married 4 Heathcote
I left New York at sixteen, when I graduated from SHS, and never returned.   I am not sitting alone in a garden apartment in Omaha, bitterly cursing the world organizing my super hero comic books but doing well "out west" as my grandmother used to say. 

I happily live outside Chicago (Burr Ridge Illinois is  a suburb not a farm town) with four kids, ages 8 through 14, Lucas, Michael, Isabella, and Juliana, four very different but great kids, my wife of fifteen years Yvonne, and a dog named Quincy.  While I appear to be one of only a few folks to live somewhere other than New York or California, it is not very different than living in Scarsdale, soccer fields, crazy parents all with gifted kids (at least they think so), taking the train in, and until recently everybody muttering endlessly about how little a million dollars or two buys in a house.

After I left Duke, I traveled to Europe, went to law school and clerked, traveled to Europe, quit working at a large law firm, traveled to Europe and Africa, went back to michigan law school, paid for another law degree and wrote a bunch of articles in anticipation of a lifetime of reclusive teaching and writing, I decided the whole wife, family, kids, train, crazy parents, soccer things was actually pretty good and (fifteen years ago) married and started having kids.  There was a lot more stuff in that period (trips to Argentina and Brazil various professional stuff like trials and partnership), an unfortunate stint in Michigan when my wife was teaching at Michigan law school and I had to live in Michigan without being a student, and a few bizarre co-workers but the endpoint turned out to be suburbia.

On other fronts, I was a wanna be soccer player at SHS, cut from the team, but am still playing soccer thirty years later, having found that the route to soccer happiness is getting invited on a really good team that can cover for your weaknesses.  I also have obtained various other athletic achievements, including most prominently, captaining my vollyeball team to the championship of the Chicago Lawyers League, not an Olympic medal but quite the triumph. In the balance of my free time, a teach law at a local law school and once in a while go into work and attend to clients.

Even though I did not have large circle of good friends in high school, I only have fond memories.  I keep in touch with my two closest friends, Chip Myers and Eric Gorham.  Otherwise, my brother Andrew (class of 83), lives on Catherine road with his three kids (he married a classmate Robin Gugick) across from the middle school and whenever I go back, which is often, I see familiar faces.  My sister Pam (1981) lives in NYC and I see her often as well.  My Dad lives over in White Plains and so I am in the area alot.

All in all, everything appears to have gone right, I have no complaints and am having a great time.

While I can't make it to the reunion (we have two soccer tournament in different cities that weekend as my kids play soccer all over) I wish everybody well and if anyone wants to email me or actually visit Chicago (its kind of in the middle of the country, near Iowa) just shoot me an email.
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