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Jolie Goodman
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Profile picture
July 09, 1960 Resource Specialist Single Again 1 Quaker Ridge
Wow!  It was wonderful seeing everyone!  The trip to NY from CA was totally worth it.  Please stay in touch.  Thanks to Peter & Jeff for all their efforts -- it was fantastic!

    Living in California since December, 1979.  I have been a special education teacher in the Thousand Oaks area for the last 24 years. I have a 21-year-old transgender son, Jude. He is studying at Moorpark College and plans to transfer to a 4-year college, majoring in Sociology. He is currently Vice President of the Spectrum Club on campus. 
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Bonnie Valance (Vallance)
RE Divorced 3 Greenacres, St. Mary's, Bardwell, K.D.Waldo, Calvert, & IHM

Please ask me if you have any questions.

B.S. Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

M.A. AMU, West Virginia


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Judy Osborn
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Lawyer (State Dept) Single Again 1 Greenacres

From my Middlebury 25th reunion book (where the photo was taken too): 

Where I am:
I live in Bethesda, MD in the DC metro area. I lived in Washington proper 1985-1997 (after 3 years in Cambridge, MA) before I took the plunge into suburbia.

Who I'm with:
My human son, Peter, age 14 (who is into fencing (saber), Boy Scouts & trombone), and my
canine “son”, Chip, chocolate lab, also 14 (who is into food & sleep).

What I "do": I've been a lawyer with the Legal Adviser's Office of the State Department since 1988, working on issues such as the arbitration against the USSR over the bugging of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow; military sales cases before the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal in the Hague; the G-8 Summit in Denver; international principles for dealing with Nazi-confiscated art; payment of U.S. arrears to the UN; UN Security Council mandated sanctions; and (currently) intercountry adoptions.

the U.S. in negotiations in Moscow; contemplating Machu Picchu; staying in a haunted castle in Denmark; showing my son around London, Paris & Rome; skiing in the West; watching my son grow up to be a gentle, independent, strong teen.

Lows: Going through
my divorce; losing a dear friend to liver cancer; breaking my ankle while walking my dog; dealing with September 11th, anthrax and the sniper; representing the U.S. at an international organization under the Bush administration.

[Go Greenacres!]

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Jill Friedman
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Fragrance Consulting (and Yoga instructor) Single Heathcote
Life was good then, and it is good now! 

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend - it was emotional in a good way - so nice to see so many healthy and vibrant faces and to reconnect!

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Patrick Garland
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February 03, 1959 Married 3 Escola Graduada de Sao Paulo
As I prepare for my bus ride north to the burbs I feel I must point out that not everything printed on the internet is true. I was not born on "the day the music died." I have been unlucky in love, lucky in cards (except to Billy Abrams royal flush) and have never married and do not have three kids. I did however go to Graded, as we call it in english and you can google it. I live comfortably numb (07/04/77 Garden, 07/07/07 Meadowlands) in the sun doing this and that, mostly perfecting the placing of the toupee. Hope that clears things up. Send Patrick a MessageSend Patrick a Message
Rusty Wright
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Profile picture
IBM Greenacres
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Luane Polcini
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February 05, 1960 education Single 2 Quaker Ridge/Fox Meadow
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Jodi (Yael) Silverberg (Silverberg-Urian)
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February 17, 1960 Midwife Committed Relationship 1 Fox Meadow
I was really blown away and SO happy I attended the reunion.  Since it has been 30 yrs - literally - since reconnecting, I was hesitant.  It felt like such an easy transition, a simple fit to pick up with friends.  Thanks for such a great event and I look forward to staying in touch.

Wow! I went to break my fast last night and learned about the Reunion today!!! After 19 years in the SF Bay area, I have returned to the East Coast and think I will be able to come tonight.  It is hard to believe that it is a 30 reunion, though.  For a quick update: my wife, Tacy,  and I are together 14 years.  We have a beautiful and intelligent 11 yr. old daughter named Tova and we live in Montclair, NJ.  This year, I closed my private practice in Manhattan where I was delivering babies at the birth center in Roosevelt Hospital and am now delivering babies in a very poor part of NJ learning Spanish and Arabic as quick as I can.  Most of my clients are having their 1st - 5th babies and almost all way under 25 yrs old (don't forget to teach birth control!!).  It is SO different from my Manhattan practice but I am loving the work. 

I look forward to reconnecting!
Keep in touch:
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Jenni Nathan (Ryan)
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December 23, 1960 Interior Designer Divorced 2 Greenacres
Cannot wait for the 30th!!
And hopefully Mare will still be my date.

Still very connected to Scarsdale even from upper Westchester where I've lived for 18 years. Got a BFA from Syracuse, spent 13 years travelling the world as a menswear designer...then one daughter diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I became an advocate for stem cell research and an active fundraiser towards a cure. Divorced, went back to college and got another degree in my first love, interior design, and became an entrepeneur with my own design business at 45. Just goes to show you can never stop going after your dreams... 

Amazing to see how many of us are still here and how Scarsdale never leaves you...One daughter Kelsey, a HS sophomore at Byram Hills HS in Armonk, spends a lot of her time with Muffy's daughter Katie and Lisa's (Huddish) daughter Marissa. Who would have thought?
My other daughter Becca, a soph. at Bucknell, played club soccer with the Scarsdale Jaguars travel team with Keith Goldberg's daughter Amanda, and now has an SHS alum as her roommate. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all and have loved reading all the stories...

Check out the pictures in "way back when"....A 1978 graduation shot, courtesy of Michael Hulen. See anyone you know?
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Kevin Cronin
General Construction - All Phases of Construction
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