Frequently Asked Questions

Are most classmates bringing spouses to the reunion?

Some classmates are bringing spouses and some are not.  Extensive conversations with classmates suggest that the presence or absense of a spouse in no way reflects the health of the marriage.  In general, we think that classmates who have not aged well, or are bloated, or bald, should travel with spouses.  All others should come solo.  But, really, it's up to you.

Do you think everyone is looking forward to meeting my kids?

OMG!  We are dying to meet your kids!  I can't believe you have so many!  They are all so cute.

However, if you are traveling with little ones, be sure to make alternate arrangements for them on Friday and Saturday night.  Both evening events will occur in private locations with readily available alcohol.  And Eric Alterman will likely be attending at least one of the events.  Just saying.

I'm only planning to attend one of the events.  Must I pay for the entire weekend?

Yes.  The best part of the reunion is reconnecting with all your old classmates.  We'd hate to diminish the effect by encouraging you to attend only one event.  And we have priced the weekend fairly reasonably, to foster maximum attendance.  Trying to plan attendance and track all the permutations is just too much for our little heads.  (We have full-time jobs!)

Most of you have probably socked away $4 per year (8 cents per week) since graduation.  What better way to spend it than celebrating the weekend with your best buddies from your youth?

I live in Ohio and will be coming in on Friday afternoon.  Where's the best place to stay for the weekend?

We have a number of hotel suggestions listed under "Accomodations" on the "Travelers" page.  Click there and check it out.  The Ritz Carlton in White Plains is the newest hotel, the most easily accessible to the night events, and perhaps the priciest. 

Can't we just stay with you, Peter, or maybe you, Jeff?


I'm kosher, or Vegetarian, or Vegan, or a Kosher Vegetarian Vegan.  Will I be able to eat anything at any event?

We've tried to order a range of food at each of the events.  While we probably will offend someone -- we always do -- we have tried to offer reasonable selections for most diets.  

Why are there so many classmates on The Missing page?  Some of them should be easy to find!

Really?  You try tracking down a Chris O'Neill or a Philip White.  William Jacobson generates 2.4 million hits on Google.  We get tired after the first 200,000.  We'd still love to find everyone.  If you have any hints, please email us at